Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why It Isn’t Always as Easy as ‘Just Adopt’

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This is a statement that those diagnosed with infertility hear INSANELY often. Without a doubt, adoption is an amazing thing, but it is a difficult decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Over time, I have come to realize that this isn’t always stated to be mean or insensitive, but because people don’t always fully understand what it means to ‘just adopt’ and that it isn’t really something you ‘just’ do. There are so many things to consider and obstacles to overcome when deciding to adopt.

  1. At least in Idaho, there are often times more couples wanting to adopt than there are babies available.
  2. Adopting out of the foster system is a fabulous choice, but takes a very special person prepared to do so due to the events that have happened in the child’s life that brought them into the foster system in the first place. This may not be for everyone, and bringing a child into a home and uniting them with parents that aren’t fully prepared for this can be detrimental as well.
  3. Adoption is expensive as well. You have to have time to financially prepare for this.
  4. It is not set in stone until the very end. The mom reserves the right to keep her child until an official release of rights is signed. This does not happen until at least a few days after the child is born. While the mom should have the right to keep and raise her baby if she desires, it can be very scary and overwhelming for the intended parents.
  5. Couples unable to conceive or deciding not to move forward with treatment still need time to grieve and to come to terms with the fact that their child will not have their momma’s eyes or their daddy’s nose. While this is not necessarily a negative thing, it is something that a couple needs to work through and feel okay with in order to ensure the best, most welcoming home possible for the adopted child.
  6. There is still the waiting. Adoption doesn’t happen overnight. Once the initial paperwork is complete, the couple must wait for an adoptive mother to like their profile enough to interview them and then, after that, they must wait to see if they are selected. Getting selected could happen quickly or could take a very long time.
  7. Adoption is difficult and emotional and beautiful.

Adoption is an amazing option and an amazing thing to be able to do, but is not as simple of a decision or process as choosing to ‘just adopt’. Next time you hear about someone struggling through infertility, I hope you reconsider reminding them that they could ‘just adopt’. It may be something that they are considering, but there are a lot of emotions and circumstances that will play into this VERY, VERY personal decision.

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